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Therapy Dog Primer

This class prepares you to be a confident handler for the evaluation process to become a Therapy Dog Team

Training Class Guidelines

- This course is a preparation class to help teams prepare for any evaluation with a Therapy Dog Program. This class does not perform the evaluation nor are you guaranteed to pass simply for attending this course. The Therapy dog Evaluation will be performed independantly by whichever program you choose to work with. This course allows you and your dog to train and prepare for real life therapy dog work.

- A treat pouch is provided free with your first class.

- Classes use positive reinforcement - please bring with you treats your dog likes or a favorite toy. Items are also for sale at the store - we can help you choose the right training rewards!

- For dogs to perform therapy work they must be handled on a regular buckle collar and leash alone. If you cannot control your dog without the use of a no-pull tool, you should attend a regular obedience course prior to attempting therapy work.

- Therapy dogs work as a team with their handler. The person who wishes to perform the therapy work with the dog should be the only handler who works with the dog in class. Other family members are invited to watch.

To attend this course your dog should:

- Be at least 1 year old and have lived with his current owner at least 6 months.
- Both neutered and Intact dogs are permitted
- Have up to date vaccinations and be vaccinated tri-annually.
- Prior training is recommended but not required
- Owners should be honest on if they feel their dog would enjoy therapy work and be suitable.

During this class we introduce you to the skills and requirements your dog must meet in order to pass a therapy dog evalution. We will work with you and your dog on the following skills:

- Accepting of a friendly stranger
- Sitting calmly for petting and attention
- Walking on a loose leash through a crowd
- Introduce your dog to items such as wheelchairs, IV poles and People with Walkers
- Sit and Down Stay on Cue
- Reacting well to other dogs on leash and other distractions
- Understanding stress in dogs
- Conditioning to strange objects

When: Please visit our training schedule. Class is a 6 week program with a 1 hour class each week. A Practice evaluation will be the final class.

Cost: $160.00 (+HST) for the 6 weeks which will also include a treat pouch and class emails. Email and phone support is provided for the duration of the class for any training issues or help.

Maximum 5 Dogs per Class

CBC News clip for Feb 03/17 on Jollytails Therapy Dog Class Featuring Hooper, the 3 legged, deaf, Dogo and his journey to become a Therapy Dog in training at Jollytails