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I would like to thank you for the Puppy class. Walter and I really had fun!! It was delightful to watch him grow and learn over the six week period, and I learned a lot about his behaviour and psychology too. Overall, it has brought us closer together as pet and owner, and made me a better dog owner. I have already recommended your class to many dog owners. I can't wait until the Jollytails daycare opens!!

- Arlynne & Walter, Halifax

Finn"As inexperienced dog owners, we were happy because Tristan's class gave us somewhere to start when it came to training our puppy. We thought his principles were fair and kind to the dogs, and made good intuitive sense. It has been nice to have one approach to use, since you can read several different opinions on just about any training issue. We liked the handouts because they reminded us what we learned in class and how to work on skills at home. Using the techniques we were taught, we have been impressed at how quickly Finn can learn. Finn seemed to really like coming to class, and the puppy play opportunities were fun (and educational) for puppies and owners alike."

- Lynzie & Finn, Halifax

"Tristan is an excellent trainer. He is a very personable and patient person, he took time to explain things and the improvement was noticed in our puppy's behavior right away. We really like the fact that anytime we had a question or concern Tristan was there to help and provide us with a positive solution. I would highly recommend anyone who gets a puppy to start them off right in Puppy Socialization Classes with Golden Rule Dog Training. We plan to return with Jazmin to attend General Dog Obedience Classes.

Thank you Tristan!"

- Kristi & Rick Kempton, Dartmouth

"I would like to take this opportunity to extend our greatest appreciation, to Tristan, and Golden Rule Dog training. I entered his Obedience Class with my English bulldog; Pauly. I was basically looking for a way to get the little guy to walk properly on a leash and to come when called. I believe the guidance I received from Tristan, in only 6; 1 hour classes, has more then prepared myself, and more importantly Pauly. I believe Tristan’s knowledge and patience for all breeds of dogs, would benefit any individual looking to PROPERLY train, mans best friend! I highly recommend Golden Rule Dog Training to everyone."

- Kym and Andrew & Pauly

"In the summer of 2011 I signed myself and my poodle/terrier X up for General Obedience with Tristan Flynn of Golden Rule Training and I'm glad I did. Tristan is enthusiatic and knowledgeable about dogs, and his compassionate methods are extremely effective. The 6 week course was a goldmine of information that gave me the tools and knowledge to continue the training process beyond the progress that we made during classes. Most importantly, Tristan's methods nurture the bond between dog and owner making the training experience fun and gratifying for everyone! I have taken other classses with other trainers, but Tristan's have been the most fruitful and I highly recommend them."

- Lynn Pelavas & Dexter, Dartmouth.



"Amazing experience. Fantastic results. Definitely will tell all my friends that have a new puppy to contact Tristan."

- Stephen Osellame & MacDuff, Dartmouth

"We've been using your techniques and I must say Spectre is a new dog. We actually went out Sat. night to some friends nearby, made a few trips back to check on him and there was no barking, whining and nothing chewed or destroyed. His barking has diminished substantially and Michelle has been able to walk him on his new harness. He even looks a lot happier. His improvement has been pretty remarkable, still has some issues with strangers but I'm sure in the next while we'll get him past that as well. Anyway, thanks again Tristan, we look forward to showing our "new" little man to you in the next month or so. We'll keep in touch and again, thank you so much."

- Andrew and Michelle, East Jeddore

Buddy and Sonny Sonny was a older rescued Beagle from a local animal shelter. His new owners Mary & Mike really wanted another dog who could be a playmate for Sonny and company for him whenever he was alone. They adopted another Beagle from the same shelter named Buddy. However things didn't go as planned. Sonny continiously would attack Buddy and fights were happening all the time. Mary & Mike loved both their dogs and contacted Golden Rule Training. In our first meeting both dogs fought mutiple times having to be physically seperated. During one fight Mike got a hard bite on the hand while reaching in to try to stop a fight. Things were serious and re-homing the dogs was discussed.

Both owners were willing to try to keep the family together. Tristan outlined a detailed plan that was put in place which included a food change, behavior exercises, classical conditioning and finally obedience training. Mary attended a 6 week obedience class with Buddy and went home and immediately transferred what she'd learned to Sonny as well. After lots of hard work, both dogs are the best of friends. A relationship that included daily fights and attacks has turned into a peaceful loving relationship. Here is what Mary said in a recent follow-up:

" Things are going great here. Buddy and Sonny are getting along with no fights at all. I can't remember the last time they had a fight. We thank you so much for all that you did for us. We still think of how close we came to taking one of them back. We look at them now and we can't think of not having them now. As Mike says "they are just so cute".


"When we first brought Warren to Golden Rule Training, it was pretty obvious that we didn't speak "dog". Being our first dog, Warren was proving to be much more of a challenge than we had anticipated. We got him through a rescue group and he was already 2 years old and he came with baggage and a rebellious teenager attitude. He barked and lunged at ANYTHING that moved, wouldn't get in the car, didn't listen to a thing we said and thought that chewing on you was a great way to get your attention. To top it all off, Warren was a budding Houdini! The master of escaping, we didn't even have him for a week and we got away on us twice. I'll tell you, nothing has made us more panic stricken than to see him run full tilt out in font of a bus and us helpless to get him back. He didn't even know his name, let alone to know to return to us when called.

It was tough! We had no idea how get though to this guy! I started reading articles online, but philosophies varied so much that I was just getting more confused. After yet another disastrous day, we finally decided that we needed help. We called around to a few trainers and decided to go with Tristan. He was super informative and we got a really good feeling from him. I was actually relieved to find out that I didn't have to "punish" Warren in order for him to gain manners. Clicker training and positive reinforcement have done wonders for our new furry friend.

Since training daily life has improved so much. Warren gets into the car on his own, has a wicked sit, stay and release. Recall is working like a charm, his favorite reward for coming when called is cheese. Walks before used to be such a chore because we were always on the alert for things that might set him off into a barking and lunging frenzy, and while he still has a way to go, buses and bikes have pretty much off the trigger list. We live in a neighborhood with a lot of cats too and we had resigned ourselves to the fact that he may never stop trying to chase cats. But even his reaction to cats has lessened! Not gone but thanks to Tristan, on its way and we know how to manage it.

If I were able to give one piece of advise to dog owners, it would be to take your dog to obedience, there is just so much value in it for you and your dog. For the simplest reason that it puts you on the same page and you start to enjoy each others company even more because you know how to communicate."