6390 Lady Hammond Road - New bigger location September 2018.

Our Lady Hammond store has moved and expanded! Stay tuned for photos of our new facility.


Jollytails Burnside
Now Open!


new jollytails locations coming soon

40 Joseph Zatzman Dr.

More expansion news to come...

Our new location will offer a retail store, grooming, training, and dog daycare with play areas for regular sizes, and a separate indoor/outdoor area exclusively for little dogs.  



Jollytails turned 5 years old in 2017, and we are very excited to spend 2018 expanding!

We are thrilled and humbled by the support from our friends, family, staff, and amazing clients over the years, and we look forward to continuing to deliver the top-notch Jollytails services that you have come to expect.

Thank you, and please stay tuned for more details on our new buildings in the coming weeks!