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Introducing Mega Dog Raw Rewards


Dogs love raw. Give your dog something fresh and natural – what nature designed them to eat. Mega Dog Raw provides an affordable raw food option made from triple-ground meaty bones, organ meat, kelp, and a veggie mix of carrots, broccoli, zucchini, and collard greens. All the meats are antibiotic and hormone free. We also carry Beef Only & Turkey Only formulas.

Mega Raw is available in tubs, and 24lbs boxes divided into 1/2 lb patties. It couldn't get easier – just let thaw and serve. 

Why feed Mega Raw?
- Fully balanced for your dog - no additives needed.
- Unbeatable price.
- Low in sugar and carbohydrates, no fillers.
- Canadian sourced
- Less stool
- Helps with digestive upset, yeast, leaking eyes, and overweight pets
- Your dog will LOVE it

Visit our Mega Raw Newsletter for more information, including pricing. Loyalty Program applies to boxes only.

Our Raw Food Selection:

MADE IN CANADA. The people at Megaraw are committed to offering the highest quality ingredients at the best affordable prices. All products are sourced from Canadian inspected suppliers, and the meats used are raised without the use of hormones or antibiotics. Visit the website:

K9 Choice consists of ready made frozen meals, from meat and vegetables. MADE IN CANADA using 100% Alberta produced products only. All products are made from government inspected, human grade ingredients.K9 Choice takes great time and care in selecting only the best ingredients to go into their food. Visit the website:

Carnivora offers you a variety of simple, convenient-to-use products to maximize your pet's health. A rotation of the Carnivora Whole Animal diets can be fed as a total diet. The whole animal diets offer a wide range of fat levels for the less active pet or the high energy canine athlete. Pure, "species specific" protein sources from free-run and free range animals will tempt your pet's discerning palate. Carnivora wholesome optional foods and supplements provide other healthy components you can combine to individualize your dog or cat's diet. Visit the website:

Stella & Chewy's uses raw, naturally-raised meat, poultry or fish, sourced from USDA-inspected facilities. Organic fruits and vegetables such as cranberries, carrots, apples, spinach, broccoli and beets. Healthful, direct-fed microorganisms (probiotics), natural tocopherols, chelated trace minerals and taurine. Plus essential vitamins and minerals. And for your complete peace of mind, every ingredient is sourced from reputable suppliers. What you won’t see are any of the usual suspects, like grain, fillers, artificial preservatives, colorings, added hormones or antibiotics. Visit the website:

Nature's Variety believes the most instinctive food for pets is a grain-free, all natural raw diet.  Formulated to mirror your pet’s ideal ancestral diet, Instinct Raw provides pure animal protein for lean muscles and strong bones, natural ingredients for optimal nutrient absorption, and nutritious oils for healthy skin and coat – all in a convenient, safe, and delicious form your pet will love.

Tristan Discusses Raw Food on Global Television

Our High Quality Dry Food Brands:

Acana pet food is MADE IN CANADA by Champion foods. Available for both dog and cat, it is designed to mirror the natural diet. All local poultry, fish, red meat, eggs, fruits and vegetables are deemed fit for human consumption by the Government of Canada before arriving to the Acana kitchens fresh each day. Their poultry, fish, lamb and beef meals, fats and oils are produced only from animals deemed fit for human consumption by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency – something few producers can claim. Visit the website:

Dogs and cats evolved as hunters. Orijen's biologically appropriate concept is simple: Mirror the richness, freshness and variety of meats that dogs and cats would naturally hunt in the wild and for which they are evolved to eat. That’s why Orijen foods feature exceptionally high inclusions of fresh whole meats, plus richly nourishing liver, tripe, cartilage and marrow — all in ratios that mirror the natural diet, while excluding high-glycemic carbohydrates and plant proteins that simply don’t belong in the diets of dogs and cats. Also MADE IN CANADA by Champion foods. Visit the website:

Horizon Pulsar is a single source protein, grain free food that focuses on 'pulses' such as red lentils and peas as the main source for carbohydrates opposed to low-grade carbohydrates such as potato and tapioca. In addition to the quality animal protein and pulses, there are an array of fruits, vegetables. botanicals and vitamins. Designed to be free from unnecessary fillers. MADE IN CANADA. Visit the website:

Legacy is an innovative grain-free pet food that applies the same nutritional philosophies of a raw diet but in a convenient super-premium kibble. This ancestral diet, grounded in a historical understanding of your pet's nutritional needs, contains an abundance of fresh, human grade meats combined with fruits, vegerables, unique botanicals and supplements all designed for immune health. Also from Horizon Pet Nutrition, MADE IN CANADA. Visit the website:

Amicus is MADE IN CANADA from Horizon is a small-breed specific grain free formula. A dietary innovation that is unlike any product on the market today. Amicus offers a superior, grain-free kibble diet manufactired for the unique needs of mini and small-breed dogs. Amicus isn't just another "small bite" formula but rather a small breed diet speficially formulated and manufactured for breeds that need an alternative to the "one size fits all" approach to many commercial foods offered today. Visit the website:

Nature's Variety is passionate about providing pure nutrition for your cherished dog. Every ingredient is chosen with care. Our foods are 100% free of corn, wheat, soy, chemicals, and artificial colors & preservatives. Each diet is rich in meat, poultry or fish proteins to give your dog everything he needs for a long and happy life with you. Visit the website:

It's no surprise that dogs love the freshness of NOW FRESH™ dry dog food. MADE IN CANADA, It's so fresh, it's like eating off the kitchen counter. Now FRESH™ is packed full of nutritious ingredients like 100% market-fresh turkey, salmon and duck. 100% fresh Omega 3 and 6 oils from coconuts and canola. Wholesome berries, fruits and veggies such as peas, spinach, cranberries, pumpkin, blackberries, alfalfa sprouts, kelp, lentils and carrots. Yum! Zero grains, zero rendered meats, zero by-product meals, or artificial preservatives. Visit the website:

MADE IN CANADA, GO!™ is a complete, nutrient-packed food that puts more "life" into everyday dogs. GO provides have high protein, lower carb recipes that help your dog stay strong and fit; recipes formulated for dogs with food sensitivities and specific dietary needs; and recipes that provide preventative care to keep dogs healthy for life. All GO!™ recipes are prepared with a balanced blend of premium quality protein from chicken, lamb, turkey, salmon, duck, and trout; plus fruits, veggies, herbs, and berries. Zero growth hormones, by-products, or artificial preservatives. Visit the website:

Pet Bowls and Dishes:

We carry a variety of bowls and dishes; stainless steal, ceramic, plastic. We also carry a range of slow feed bowls. These are a great solution for dogs that eat their food too fast (helping to prevent bloat and regurgitation).

ID Tag Engraving:

Yes! We do tag engraving on-site in minutes, and carry a wide variety of colors and styles. $9.99 for engraving on both sides.

We also carry the ID tag clips shown in this photo - allows you to change collars easily and quickly. One size fits all.

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Toys & Training Aids:

A dog toy should be something your dog enjoys, interacts with, and isn't easily destroyed. Dogs are, by nature, scavengers - so working for their food is natural and fulfilling. We carry a large variety of food puzzle toys and games to keep your dog's mind occupied. We research and look for the best types of collars, harnesses and training aids on the market. Our staff are experienced and will help you find what is right for your dog!


Food & Treat Dispensing Toys:

To make your dogs life more enjoyable, gives him fun work to do when he's home alone or when you can't play with them!

A dog's natural instinct is to scavenge and work for their food – not to have it delivered for free in a bowl. One reason dogs develop behavior problems is sheer boredom, resulting from a lack of physical exercise, problem-solving and outdoor exploration. Food puzzle toys gives dogs a chance to work for their food. These toys are sturdy containers which hold and dispenses food or treats. The dog must work to get food out by shaking, pawing, rolling, nibbling and licking a puzzle toy. The effort dogs make to get their food from these toys eases boredom, reduces destructive behavior and burns energy.

Jollytails carries some of our favorite food delivery toys from the Busy Buddy, KONG and Nina Ottoson line. We suggest feeding at least one cup of your dogs regular food through interactive toys to give your dog entertainment and mental stimulation.

See video Busy Buddy video below:

Freedom No-Pull Harness:

With its intuitive design, the patented Freedom No-Pull Harness provides a natural ease when walking your dog. The dual point leash system attaches to both the patented loop between the shoulder blades and the front chest ring. This allows you to easily stop your dog from pulling and makes steering them a breeze.

Urine OFF Remover & LED Light Urine Finder:

Urine odors and stains can be difficult to completely eliminate, and unfortunately, trace odors can lead to repeat offenses and "marking" behavior. With Urine Off you can permanently eliminate urine odor and stains from carpets, upholstery, and hardwood floors. In fact, Urine Off works on virtually any surface. It contains only natural ingredients, usine a special blend of friendly bacteria and enzymes to "eat" urine, organic stains, and proteins, creating a clean and hygienic surface. Urine Off 100% effective and completely safe for pets & people.

The Urine Finder LED Light looks like a small flashlight. It's black light causes dried organic materials and fluids to fluoresce, thereby identifying exact areas for urnice removal.


By far the most effective way to train your dog is to reward them for a job well done! We carry a wide variety of training treats and chewables- all wheat and corn free.

Paw Protector - Musher's Secret:

Please keep an eye on your best friend's paw pads as the elements can cause damage very quickly. You can protect the pads from the ice, snow and salt using Musher's Secret (available at Jollytails). Spread a light coating of wax on the paw pads to create a breathable, protective barrier. Musher's Secret is the safe, non-toxic way to protect your dog's paws. 

Jollytails Loyalty Program - Get Free Food!

Jollytails offers a loyalty program on many of our brands.

  • Mega Raw 16lbs & 24lbs boxes: Buy 12 get 1 FREE
  • All Acana and Orijen Dry foods & freeze dried foods: Buy 12 get 1 FREE
  • Horizon Legacy and Amicus products: Buy 12 get 1 FREE
  • All Petcurean foods including NOW! Fresh and GO!: Buy 12 get 1 FREE
  • All Stella & Chewy Raw Food & freeze dried foods: Buy 10 get 1 FREE
  • All Natures Variety Dry food: Buy 12 get 1 FREE

* You also earn Aeroplan miles on all purchases at Jollytails!

About Dog Food:

A good dog food is critical to the health of your dog. We sell only quality food with your best friend's health in mind. We offer limited ingredients diets, high meat content and grain free products.

Grain Free Dog Foods: Grains (such as corn) are not an essential part of a canine’s diet and can be difficult for your dog to digest. Many dog food brands tend to use grains as low-cost filler, so avoid foods that place grains on the top of the ingredient list. Dogs are (by their genetic pedigree) carnivores, not herbivores. Their teeth, their digestive systems and their behavior clearly confirm this fact. Dogs must also be given credit for their notable omnivorous ability, too. After all, even though they do have the ability to eat a remarkably diverse diet, it’s wrong to ignore the fact that their bodies are clearly optimized for eating meat.

Dogs can eat a variety of foods but they naturally prefer meat. Their bodies are not designed to consume grain day after day for their whole lives.

(Click the underlined links in the below text for more detailed information and independant studies)

Corn is one of the most problematic ingredients in dog foods. In addition to having little nutritional value, it can lead to all sorts of problems such as allergies, excessive shedding or dandruff, loose stools, gassiness and flatulence, itchy skin, and irritability are just a few examples. Corn diets have been linked to low serotonin uptake in animals, which can promote aggression, lack of impulse control and even increased sexual behavior. You might never think to associate these problems with the grain in your dog's diet, but that is often the case. Insects — and their droppings and corpses — can even be found in cheap, low-quality grains. Unfortunately, it is one of the most popular fillers in many dog food brands. Be sure to read the labels and avoid corn in dog food. Why is corn found in dog food? Because it’s cheap and maximizes company profits!

“Lots of concentrated grains are not good for dogs or people, and will cause lots of massive health problems in the next fifty years.”  – Dr Ian Dunbar

While there good quality foods that use healthier grains, we recommend a grain-free diet whenever possible because ultimately grains are an unnatural food source for canines. Dogs do not have the long, winding digestive tract required to digest grains. Dogs have a short straight digestive tract designed to digest meat.  Their teeth are also designed for meat consumption (all their teeth are sharpened and not flat like humans and other omnivores). They also lack a special enzyme needed to break down starchy carbohydrates.

We strongly recommend a meat based diet for all dogs.  The ideal dog food should be:

  1. Higher in meat-based protein (no corn)
  2. Higher in natural fats and oils
  3. Lower in carbohydrates
  4. Formulated from a named (non-generic) animal source
  5. Free of animal or vegetable by-products (cheap left over product not fit for humans)
  6. No artificial flavoring, coloring or preservatives (A dog should want to eat the food naturally!)

We’ve done our research and encourage you to do yours! Please look for independent pet food websites or studies. We like and You will see that the foods Jollytails chooses to carry are ranked highly on these lists. We choose and sell only the products we believe in.

Talk to us about your pet’s nutritional needs. We want to help.

Jollytails Offers free food on many of our dry food purchases!

Jollytails values strong relationships with our customers. We want to be your main source for dog supplies, information, doggy fun and of course, food!