Private Training & Behavioral Consultations

Private one on one behavioral consultations may be required for the following issues:

  • Separation or Isolation Distress (unable to leave your dog alone)
  • General Fear and Anxiety 
  • Any type of Aggression or Re-activity on leash (vs. dogs, cats, people)
  • Resource Guarding behavior of objects with people or dogs
  • Puppy planning or training (getting a new dog, where to get one, issues to prepare for) 
  • General Obedience on your own time! 
  • Any other issues you may have.

How to arrange a behavioural consultation:

Fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page. This will be sent for review by our training team and the following steps will be determined.

Private training sessions may be conducted in your home, on site at Jollytails, or a separate location depending on the issue. The trainer will decide this based on what your issues are. During this session, we will discuss the behavior issues and make recommendations on training exercises, life adjustments or anything else we feel is needed to resolve your issue. We also will use our dogs during exercises if required. Consultation time is roughly 2 to 3 hours in duration.

You will receive a detailed behavioral analysis by email within 5 business days summarizing the visit. Some complex issues will not be solved on the first visit, however you will be given a detailed plan and support and the option for a follow up session should you require one.

About the Trainers:

Jollytails has four trainers, including co-owner/training lead Tristan Flynn, CPDT-KA, CDBC. Click to read the profiles for trainers Erin Jones, CPDT-KTabea Stawitz, and Erin Piercy.

Fee Structure (all prices are plus HST):

  • Initial Home Consultation: $250.00 (This will last roughly 2-3 hours depending on the issue and dog. A detailed written follow up will be provided)
  • Follow up Private Training: $70.00 for the first hour, $50.00 for each additional hour. (If you are in a class or have done prior training with us an initial consultation may not be required).

Travel costs may apply if you live outside the city. Phone consultations may be provided if you are not in our area.

Important note: Behavioral consultations for anxiety and aggression may be covered if you have pet insurance. Jollytails is a recognized professional behavioral service by Petsecure insurance. A Veterinarian referral may be required.

Private training has limited availability based on the trainers individual schedules. If we are unavailable we will recommend you to another local trainer who we trust.

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