Drop in Puppy Socials

Jollytails is pleased to offer Drop-in Puppy Socialization at our Intercolonial Street location


Puppy Social Schedule

Saturdays from 11:30am - 1:00pm at 3484 Intercolonial Street

Saturday, January 27 - Offered
Saturday, February 3 - Offered
Saturday, February 10 - Offered
Saturday, February 17 - Offered
Saturday, February 24 - Offered

*During inclement winter weather, please check this website prior to puppy socials.
We will update if socials are canceled.

Socials are held in part outdoors. Please dress appropriately!

Cost is 10.00$ plus HST

Our puppy socials are a great chance to socialize in a safe, supervised and clean environment. Our knowledgable staff will be on site to help monitor play groups and answer any questions you may have about your new puppy. This is an opportunity for your puppy to meet other people and puppies, experience both an indoor and outdoor play area along with pools and water. We offer a total of 8000 square feet of fully fenced in play area both inside with air conditioning / heat and our massive outside play area.

  • A chance to socialize and meet other puppies
  • Got lots of puppy energy? A safe way to tire your puppy out on Saturday afternoon
  • A chance to work on your training in an off-leash, safe environment
  • A large off leash, supervised socialization area with other puppies
  • A chance to ask any questions you may have of our knowledgeable staff and get help with puppy issues.

Puppy Socialization Rules:

  • Pre-Registration is not required, simply show up with your puppy :)
  • You are responsible to monitor your puppy. We have staff on site to assist however we expect owners will do their best to manage their pup's behavior and to ensure their pups are cleaned up after.
  • Puppy Socialization is open to dogs aged 7 weeks to up to approximately 16 weeks old, size and play-style depending. Larger breed puppies typically advance beyond the playgroup at approximately 14 weeks and can look at going to our daycare for socialization and play instead. Jollytails staff will determine if your puppy is suitable for these socials. No Adult dogs.
  • The whole family is welcome.
  • Puppies need to be up to date on their core vaccinations. Visibly sick dogs can not attend.
  • Owners are encouraged to bring rewards to work on training while their dog is off leash.
  • Please do not show up early! Our facilities are often in use until the scheduled times, and the lobbies often get crowded with puppies and people waiting. Please do your best to arrive at or after the puppy social start time.

Please read what the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior has to say about puppy socialization HERE. Even if your dog is not fully vaccinated, socialzation is more important.

Below are two excellent books on puppy training provided for free by Dr Ian Dunbar: