Jollytails Dog Training

Classes for Adult Dogs

This is for dogs that are above 16 weeks of age and looking for obedience training. Dogs should be able to work in a class environment. This class is not for dogs with aggression issues.

Puppy School

This option is for all puppies under 14 weeks of age. Puppies learn critical socialization and manners.

Surviving Adolescence

A Training class specifically for dogs who are too old for puppy class, up to 2 year of age.

Private Training and Consultations

Behavioral consultations are for complex issues such as aggression, anxiety and other issues not addressed in a group class.

Therapy Dog Primer

This course prepares you and your dog to pass a Therapy dog evaluation and work with your dog in any structured Therapy Program

Agility Class

The Jollytails Agility program offers a variety of Dog Agility courses taught by our experienced trainer.

Reactive Dog Class

This is a specially designed class for dogs who bark / lunge on leash at other dogs, cats or other stimuli on walks. You'll learn why your dog is reactive on leash and how to correct the problem in this unique class.

Training & Behaviour Advice