Surviving Adolescence!

A Training class specifically for dogs between the ages of 20 weeks to 2 years of age

How do we Train Dogs?

We believe in empowering owners with information to train beyond just what is being taught in class. We want our clients to know the reasons why dogs behave certain ways and the best way to instruct them - and why it works. We don't just put dogs through exercises, but discuss how dogs learn and discuss each dog as an individual. Each class includes discussion on modern training techniques, animal communication and learning theory. We do not believe in harsh training methods and physical corrections - our methods employ positive reinforcement and focus teaching your dog how to work with you as a partner.

Training Class Rules

  • These courses are designed to be obedience classes to build a partnership between you and your dog. They are not re-socialization classes or classes for dogs with aggression or reaction issues. If you feel your dog doesn't get along with other dogs or is very reactive seeing dogs on leash, please speak with us to ensure this class is right for you. We offer private training to deal with these types of issues.
  • A treat pouch and clicker are provided free with your first class.
  • Classes use positive reinforcement - please bring with you treats your dog likes or a favorite toy. Items are also for sale at the store - we can help you choose the right training rewards!
  • Please no flexileashs / retractable leashes, choke collars or prong collars or head collars. Body harness are permitted. If you feel you need one of these items to control your dog, please speak with us about alternative tools.
  • The whole family is welcome to all classes

Adolescence is a very challenging period in a dog owner’s life. Dogs are transitioning from puppies and becoming harder to handle, more independent and more willful!

This class will focus on training specific to the adolescent dog – specifically:

  • Impulse control and teaching dogs to calm down
  • Leash Manners and Leash walking
  • Controlled Greetings with people and reducing jumping up
  • A solid off leash Recall (Come when called)
  • Reducing and managing Leash Reactivity while passing by other dogs
  • Improved focus and attention to their handler
  • Helping guide you in choosing diet, crate use and training tools for your adolescent dog

Depending on the dogs in class, there may be an off leash training component to the class as well to ensure the adolescent dog is keeping up with their dog-dog social skills. A training treat pouch along with a Jollytails clicker will be provided to all clients

When: Please visit our training schedule.

Cost: $160.00 (+HST) for the 6 weeks which will also include a free clicker, treat pouch and class handouts. Email and phone support is provided for the duration of the class for any training issues or help.

Maximum 6 Dogs per Class

Dogs must be between the ages of 20 weeks to 2 years of age. This class is not for dogs with serious aggressive issues. Speak with us if you have any concerns about your dogs attendance.



"When we first adopted Soros he was 9 months old and had already picked up some bad habits from his previous owner and since he's a big dog, walking him was a nightmare as he was pulling on the leash quite a bit. Immediately after starting the Surviving Adolescence class we saw some major improvements in his behaviour. Tristan is very knowledgable and worked with us the whole way. We couldn't even contain him during the first class without the help of the extra trainer. After completing the course we can see that Soros is a much happier dog and we have learned a lot of techniques to help him be a better dog and strengthened our bond with him."
--Ben Turgeon & Alla Fiddes

"The Surviving Adolescence Class was exactly what my bouncy, excited not-so-little "puppy" needed! Cooper's biggest improvement so far is the on leash walking; It's just so much more enjoyable to go for a walk together now because he is not frustrated with me fore not letting him go where he wants to travel and I am not frustrated with the pulling. There is such a drastic difference in his level of relaxation, especially when I take him somewhere new or exciting. That being said, I think that the biggest thing we took away from this class, even more than the refined behaviors, is the ability for Cooper and I to communicate better. Not only do I have more confidence in continuing to train Cooper but I truly feel that he is more trusting and willing to learn what I am asking of him. The homework with the video tutorials and reminders of tips to be successful for each weeks' lesson really helped to keep the two of us on track until the next class. We would definitely recommend the class! Thank You Tristan!"
-- Brandon, Amber & Cooper :)