Price List 

In addition to doggy daycare, Jollytails provides an array of professional dog training services, Grooming and a vast array of quality dog and cat food & retail in our pet store. We also offer Jollytails Facility rentals. Earn Aeroplan Miles on all daycare, grooming and retail purchases.

Please see below for details and price list (all prices are +15% HST):

Jollytails is proud to offer a Military/First Responders & Seniors discounts & deals. Click here for details.

Doggy Daycare Price List

One Dog:

Full day: $30.00
10 full day pass: $270.00 ($27 / daily)
20 full day pass: $500.00 ($25 / daily) 
30 full day pass: $690.00 ($23 / daily) 

Partial day (under 4 hours): $20.00
10 partial day package: $180.00 ($18 / daily) 

Two Dogs:

Full day: $50.00
10 full day pass: $460.00 ($46/ daily)


Three dogs:

Full day: $63.00 ($21/ daily)

* Package days are not required to be used consecutively & do not expire
* Please be aware of our late pickup fees
* Multiple dog rates applies to same household dogs only

Visit our Doggy Daycare section for more information or to sign up!

Dog Training & Group Classes Price List

Adult Group Classes:

Intro Obedience: $160.00
Surviving Adolescence Class: $160.00
Therapy Dog Primer: $160.00 

Puppy School:

Open to puppies from 8 weeks of age to 14 weeks of age.

Puppy (Level 1): $150.00
Puppy (Level 2): $140.00
Puppy Drop In: $10.00 

Click to learn more on Puppy School

Agility Classes:

Introduction to Agility: $140.00
Agility Foundations: $140.00

Click for more info on Agility Dog Classes

Reactive Dog Classes:

Working Spot: $400.00
Observation Spot: $100.00

Click for more info on Reactive Dog Class


Visit our grooming section for services, prices and additional information.

Jollytails Facility Rental

If you are an individual or a group looking for a pet friendly, spacious facility, Jollytails offers its indoor and outdoor space for rent during select times throughout Saturdays and Sundays. Please contact us for details.

Jollytails Refund Policy

Daycare Packages: Daycare packages will be refunded at cost of package paid minus days used (charged at full daily rate). An additional charge of 50$ will be charged for one dog / 10 day packages; and a 100$ charge for all other packages. Daycare refunds will not be issued after one year of inactivity.

Group Training: Class deposits are non-refundable. We will refund the cost of training (minus deposit) at the end of the first class if you are dissatisfied with the course.  No refunds will be issued after attending 2 or more classes.

Food: All food will be refunded in full, within 30 days, provided you bring back the original bag, including UPC code, along with at least 50% of the contents of the bag. 

Collars, Toys, Harnesses and other retail products: Full refunds will be issued for unopened and undamaged products within 10 days of purchase.  While we provide the strongest and best dog products on the market, we cannot be responsible if you do not supervise your dog and the product becomes damaged. Speak with us about what products are best for your dog.

Jollytails Late Pick Up Fee

We take a lot of pride in our very generous doggy daycare hours here at Jollytails. As you can imagine, these are pretty long days, for both dogs and staff. As much as the doggies are looking forward to their pick-up "reunion" with mom and/or dad, staff are also looking forward to getting home to their families. As much as we love our daycare dogs, our work here, and our clients, it is just not fair for Jollytails staff to be forced to repeatedly stay late to accommodate "stragglers".

We are instituting a late fee structure as follows:

  • Up to 15 minutes: $25.00 late fee

  • 15 to 30 minutes: $50.00 late fee

  • After 30 minutes: $100 and, if we cannot reach you or your emergency contacts, your dog will be safely boarded at an additional expense to you.

This isn't something we really want to do, and we certainly aren't looking to profit from this. In fact we will be donating any and all late fees to the SPCA. 

We really want to re-iterate that we deeply appreciate our clients, and we understand that things happen to unexpectedly delay us and we get that. Please let us know if you might be running behind. We will not apply this fee lightly (or unfairly), BUT if we call you past closing time and you have forgotten your dog, please rest assured we will charge you the late fee.