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Tristan is available to speak on dog behavior and dog training. If you would like to interview or speak with Tristan please email him directly at


Radio History

Tristan Hosted a a 30 minute call in show called K9 Connection during 2013 which was heard on the Rogers Radio Network in Halifax, Saint John and Moncton with Maritime Morning Host Scott Simpson.

2014-2015 - Tristan is currently the host of K9 Connection on the Sheldon Macleod Show on News 95.7 heard every Thursday at 3pm

Various Interviews with Tristan can be found below:

News 95.7 Maritime Morning with Jordi Morgan 2011- Tristan discusses banning the use of shock collars

The Rick Howe Show 2011- Tristan discusses January as Train Your Dog Month

Maritime Morning Weekend with Erin Trafford- Answering dog behavior questions from callers

Maritime Morning Weekend with Erin Trafford- Train Your Dog Month discussions

Maritime Morning with Jonanthan Numa- Discussing a recent pitbull attack on a young girl

Rick Howe - Discussing a recent pitbull attack on a young girl

Rick Howe - Discussing Africville Off Leash Park

Rick Howe - Discussing The Bill to Ban Shock Collar use

Rick Howe - Debating Shock Collar use with a Local Shock Trainer



Tristan has lectured on numerous complex behavioral topics for Jollytails, The Nova Scotia SPCA, Wag Canine centre and also online for the Pet Professional Guild. Tristan has lectured on:

  • Dominance in Dogs
  • Aggression
  • How to foster and assess rescue dogs
  • Opening and running a Dog Daycare
  • Leash Reactivity and teaching reactive classes

Here is what people have said about Tristan's Lectures:

Once again Tristan Flynn has presented an excellent, well put together, entertaining and informative seminar in Amherst. In addition to local residents, there were dog owners, trainers, rescue workers and dog lovers from New Brunswick in attendance. He doesn't hesitate to travel the 2 hours (more with the winter road detours) to Amherst because he knows how important it is to share this information and how little access to certified trainers we have in this part of the Maritimes. The attendees were eager to find out how they could help their reactive dogs and Tristan did not disappoint. They received clear and easy to follow information and instructions on how to begin working with their dogs whether they are their own, fosters, clients dogs or dogs in shelters. Going a step above and beyond, a group of attendees stayed after the seminar and Tristan took the time to answer questions for another hour. As a pet care business owner and a new trainer I truly appreciate the time Tristan takes to listen to my concerns and provide feedback with his usual clear cut, no messing around attitude. He may not realize it but he is the closest thing I have to a mentor and he has had a strong influence on the direction my career as a trainer has taken. Each time I hear him present I inspires me to learn more and I believe the seminar participants feel the same. I always see a lot of eyes being opened and excitement in the participant's faces as they realize that there is a positive way they can help their dogs.
- Sincerely, Jennifer Blackman Wag Canine Recreation Centre 10-C Lawrence Street

We operate a small rescue taking in many dogs who fail temperament testing from larger shelters or are surrendered by their owners due to behavioral issues. Dealing with a large variety of problems we constantly look for new and improved ways of working with each individual dog. We decided to attend the "curing leash reactive dogs" seminar with Tristan Flinn because it is a very common problem in dogs that we receive. The approach that was taken to solve this issue in dogs was very in dept and realistic, not down playing the owners role and how much work is involved but with methods that are attainable. The techniques recommended are very ethical and are always in the dogs best interest not simply to get the results. We particularly liked the objectiveness to other methods and how willing Tristan was to discussing methods or training tools he does not recommend or use. offering, not only that he does not use them but why he does not use them. Throughout the seminar he answered many questions from different perspectives non-judgmentally. Overall personable, well educated in his field and funny, the seminar was very good and we would recommend attending for anyone who is interested in dog training and behaviors or to owners looking for solutions. 

- Annie and Gilles
Haven House Animal Rescue 

My rescue partners and I made the trip from Moncton to Amherst to check out the Curing Leash Reactive Dogs seminar. Tristan is hilarious and a great public speaker. The four of us all agreed it was an extremely eye opening event. We work with dogs that don't always come from the greatest backgrounds, or have general temperament problems due to lack of socialization or genetics. Preventing reactivity in the early stages is the easy part; curing it, not so much! Two of my dogs become reactive on leash due to extreme frustration. They love other dogs and go insane when they see them. With the tips we learned, I already started working on my boys. One thing that stood out for me personally was the Abandonment Method. It's such a simple concept that makes so much sense, especially when you have a "clingy" dog. I'll definitely be trying this one on my German Shepherd. 
We can't wait for the next seminar!
- Bethany Lane, Fulfilling Hearts Rescue, Moncton NB


A feature article in Metro Halifax: Metro News Article

Footage from the "No Disclaimer" event, a Q&A held at Dalhousie University:


Tristan hosts 'Dog Talk' on the Global Morning News every 2nd Thursday at 7:45am

Tristan hosts 'Dog Talk' on the Global Morning News every 2nd Thursday at 7:45am

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