Jollytails Training

Our training program is run by Jollytails Co-Owner Tristan Flynn,  CDBC, CPDT-KA.

Tabea Stawitz, CPDT-KA Trainer

Tabea fell in love with training and animal behaviour after rescuing her mastiff mix Paco in 2009. While researching the best methods for training Paco, Tabea found passion and inspiration for reward- based training and behavior modification. In 2013 Tabea got involved with Heather A. Logan and Cloverfield Animal Behaviour Services and their specialist training. In addition to sharing her home with Paco, Tabea is working with Lux, a yellow Labrador retriever, who she is training as a PTSD service dog. Lux is completed training in 2015, after which she was placed with a veteran and completes tasks such a identifying panic behaviours and helping with mobility issues. Tabea has her Operant Conditioning Behavior Analysis Level One Certificate, Teaching Certificate Level One, and Animal Care and Training Certification and is currently working towards her Service Dog Training Certification.