Meet Our Lady Hammond Road Halifax Team

Nick Gregory, store Manager

Pictured from right to left are Molly and Jake, Nick's roommates' dogs, and Kumba, who he occasionally dog sits.

Pictured from right to left are Molly and Jake, Nick's roommates' dogs, and Kumba, who he occasionally dog sits.

Nick moved out east from Ottawa a few years ago and recently graduated from Dalhousie University with a BSc. in Marine Biology. He loves dogs, whether big or small and has spent the last 5 years living with dogs. He has spent a lot of time working with dogs as a volunteer at the local SPCA and is very excited to have the opportunity to work with the dogs at Jollytails on a daily basis.




Tyra joined the Jollytails family to completely change her career and lifestyle. She is a former correctional worker whose love for animals (especially her canine companion, Molly) has pushed her to outgrow her work with the justice system. Molly is Tyra's heart dog, who at a young age was diagnosed with canine megaesophagus. This is a congenital disease (which she shares with her sister Kaya) that prevents her esophagus from pushing the food/water to her belly! We manage the disease by using a special high chair (Bailey chair) for her to eat in, thickening her water, along with many other time consuming practices. So a career where Molly is able to join Tyra every day has been a huge blessing! 

jeff smith, Daycare Supervisor


Pictured with Jollytails pup Geo

Pictured with Jollytails pup Geo

Jeff was born in Halifax and has lived his whole life here. He has always treated animals with the same respect that he would want to be treated with. Jeff enjoys spending time with animals of all kind. He loves meeting them for the first time and getting to know all about them and what makes them special in their own way. When he was in his Junior High he volunteered at a similar daycare for dogs, so when he saw the chance to be part of the Jollytails team, he knew it would be perfect for him.

Brody Llewellyn

Brody was born and raised in a small town in Eastern PEI and had just recently moved to Halifax. Brody made the move with his best friend for the last thirteen years, Jake. Jake and Brody share a special bond and are usually inseparable whether out exploring or chilling in front of the TV. Brody has a love for all animals especially dogs. He loves dogs of all shapes and sizes. That's why Brody was very excited about being given the opportunity to join the great team at Jollytails !

Nicole Fisher


Nicole has always had a huge passion for animals, and working with them was a dream for her. She rescued 2 dogs, Jack and Spirit (see photo). In her arms is Nicole’s sister’s pup Maisy and on the right is her parents’ big guy Sisu (who crossed rainbow bridge in April 2017) 

Now after grooming dogs for the last 4 years in the Annapolis Valley, Nicole has decided to join the Jollytails team and get to know some of the dogs in Halifax. She is happy to watch the dogs have so much fun while their humans are at work.

Renee Macmullin


Renee was born and raised on Cape Breton Island. She grew up snowboarding and skateboarding, eventually teaching her first dog to skate with her! Her love of dogs started with a little puppy she found under a step abandoned in her neighborhood. Renee named her Fay and had her for 8 happy years until she passed away from Lymphoma just this past summer. She brought two more puppies into her life, Luna and Kiba. Renee loves working with our Jollytails dogs everyday and getting to know each and every one of them.

Hayley Sullivan


Originally from New Brunswick, Hayley moved to Nova Scotia to attend Acadia University where she got her BSc with Honours in Applied Psychology. She has been passionate about dogs for as long as she can remember and ever since bringing home her papillon, Cali, over 8 years ago, she has been expanding upon her knowledge in order to give Cali the best life a dog could have; they are presently training in agility as a fun pastime. Hayley is thrilled to have the opportunity to work at Jollytails where she can love on the dogs all day and thoroughly enjoys working here.

Nathasha Holowaty, Groomer


Natasha's passion with animals pretty much started in the whelping box when she was just a small child. Her family raised and showed Collies under the prefix of Cardross Collies and she was introduced to showing dogs when she was just four years old. Natasha became one of the top junior handlers in the country  and represented Nova Scotia in the Canadian National Junior Handling Competition. During her whole juniors career she has worked for some of North Americas top professional handlers in both Canada and the USA. After obtaining a degree in Corrections, Natasha decided to pursue dogs and started working full time for Professional Handler Allison Foley. After a couple of years she decided to travel to the USA and was working under the watchful eye of one of the world's top Schipperke Breeders and now has a couple of her own. Natasha has attended a lot of shows all over the USA including showing dogs to wins at the Westminster Dog Show. She feels grateful to have been able to pilot some of the top winning dogs in our country including her very own heart dog Chanel who was Canadians number 1 schipperke in 2017.

Cindy White, Groomer


Cindy graduated from the Academy of Cosmetology in 2010, starting her career as a human hairstylist. After working in the beauty industry for a couple of years she realized the only way she could love her job more would be to incorporate animals into it, and so in 2012 her journey to become a dog groomer began. She has never looked back. Cindy enjoys attending any and all continuing education opportunities she can in order to keep up with her knowledge and techniques. She has certified with the Canadian Professional Pet Stylists at the level of Intermediate Stylist Technician. In her spare time you can find her hanging out with her two dogs, two cats and rabbit!

Viktoria Bohachova,Groomer


Viktoria was born and raised in Ukraine and have been grooming for over 4 years. She  has always been comfortable with animals and she has always loved being around them. She has a Samoyed named Martin who is 7 years old. She loves learning and pushes herself to be up to date on trends and information to keep your dogs happy and healthy. Her favorite part of the job is seeing how great the dogs look when they are picked up compared to when they were dropped off. In her free time she loves to take her dog hiking, and traveling.